BeFour the Ball Cinderella Birthday Party

Posted on November 1st, 2012 by Kara
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This BE’FOUR’ THE BALL CINDERELLA THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Karen Ayars is absolutely ADORABLE! What a clever party idea!! The whole party was centered around what happened to Cinderella before the ball…and leading up to it. The details are absolutely incredible! Karen always does such an amazing job! Be sure and read the party description below!

Karen said- “For my daughter’s 4th birthday party I wanted to make it feel like the true fairy tale. I didn’t want to focus on the part that we always see focused on when talking about Cinderella. I thought since my daughter was turning 4, there was nothing more perfect than ‘Be4 the Ball’. The invitation was done in a piece of cloth to look like a rag and went inside a paper bucket with a mop and Gus Gus the mouse. It asked the girls for help cleaning and getting ready for the ball. When the girls arrived, there was a chalkboard specifying the chores that had to get done before they could go to the ball. They had to sew the stepsister’s dresses (with real sewing machines as you can see in the pictures and with the help of the moms, of course), make the stepmother breakfast (the decorating the cake station), and do the laundry (when they reached inside the hamper there were cookies of “dirty clothes”). Only then, after they had done it all, were they able to go to the ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique’ to get ready for the ball. All the little girls wore rags the entire party… and then after they went to the boutique they changed into gowns.

Below a few more details-

Stepsisters’ Mending Station:

- The measuring tape was made out of gum and edible marker
- Drizella’s Old Beads were made with pearlized gum balls (the one she throws away and the mice gather to use for Cinderella’s dress)
- Push-up pops were made into a spool of thread
- Madam Tremaine’s Spool of threads on the spool holders were made of licorice candy
- the “buttons” on the sewing station that were actually candy buttons and I did paint little dots in every single one of them with edible marker so it would REALLY look like buttons
Kid’s Main Table:
- The real looking plates, utensils and cups that were ALL amazing delicious cookies
- The “plates” were turned into a clock for when it strikes midnight
- The “dirty” spoons and bowls covered with chocolate
- The favors (a Cinderella and a Fairy-Godmother doll) were “loads of dirty clothes” wrapped in white sheet with a handmade doll on top
- the soap and brush for doing the dishes, also cookies
- the “dirty clothes” cookies that were inside the hamper when the little girls had to open to do their “laundry”
The Ball:
- the prince (the father) that danced with all the little girls, but at the end picked THE ONE he had fallen in love with. His Cinderella.
The kids had a ball (literally!!), it was truly magical.”
Vendors and Credits-

Concept, Party Design, and Styling: Karen Ayars 

Pictures: Nicole Albertson Photography

Printables: 9 to 5 Mom

Cookies: Baked Perfection

Invitation: Beaba Festas
Handmade Dolls: Alessandra Moreira
Cake: Arte da Ka
Items used in this party from Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

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  1. Misty

    Only one word to describe this party…AMAZING!! The best Cinderella party I have ever seen. Love that it is done using the before and after. A little girls fantasy party! The details are fabulous, love the dish drainer with the dish and utensil cookies, everything for that matter:)

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  3. Kaci

    I saw this party on Amy Atlas. Pretty incredible, but…. Who the heck does a party like this!??? I mean a sewing machine for each girl! AND their own broom, book, pumpkin, CAKE and 2 DRESSES…!? I would have died to have this party as a kid but one word: C.R.A.Z.Y.

      1. Jackie

        My sentiments exactly…that’s what I kept repeating to myself. “Who does this?” Beautiful ideas, but let’s be realistic!

  4. Noodlebug

    I think it is realistic for some people, and thank goodness because I don’t think I ever would have thought of a party like this. I love looking at these parties because it gives me ideas for things that I want for myself, so if I don’t do it exactly like this, I can definitely find similar options. My MINOR criticism: as grand as these parties are, it’s hard to tell sometimes what is part of the decor (and mostly candy/cookies) and what the actual activity is. One thing I would have done differently, which I’m not actually sure if they did, I would have utilized a water table so that the kids could actually wash the clothes for sensory play. A bubble machine in that area for even more soapy fun! Also, they have those kiddie sewing kits with a “fake” blunt needle and thread that I probably would have used instead, simply because it might be more age appropriate for my daughter and she can do it on her own.
    Anyway, we all can have this if we want, there might be adjustments, but even then that won’t necessarily take away from a fun time. This theme never crossed my mind and I think it’s a fabulous twist on the regular old princess tea time party, that’s for sure! I say, if you can afford it and want it there, do it :).

  5. Jina

    I was wondering where the stickers that look like the child dressed as Cinderella before and after came from ???? Must know !! Beautiful-no where near my budget- I would have to sacrifice my child’s college fund !!

  6. KaMeisha

    My daughter wants a Cinderella party for her 4th birthday. I will definitely incorporate the BeFOUR the Ball. GREAT IDEA! My daughter’s party will not be as detailed, but we will have Cinderella to appear and surprise the birthday girl and guests with a tea party. I will have Cinderella aprons for the girls and vests for the boys to start off with, and then they will transform. It will be a more modern BeFOUR the Ball as well as the Cinderella dress. I will not have a Cinderella dress for each female guest. However, they will have a boa, marabou ring, and crown. The boys will have a sword and shield. The birthday girl will be the only one in the rag dress then the Cinderella dress.


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