Vintage Rocking Horse 2nd Birthday Party

Posted on May 15th, 2012 by Kara
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This darling ROCKING HORSE PARTY was submitted by Renata Bastos of Felicità Festa. What a fun party theme centered around a classic toy. Love it.

Party Decoration: Laura Jordao

Party Stationery and Design: Felicità Festa

Photography: Nayara Menezes


9 thoughts on “Vintage Rocking Horse 2nd Birthday Party

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  1. Laura Jordão

    I would like to say that this party was NOT made by Renata Bastos Felicita Festas. This was stollen from me Laura Jordao by LJ Productions. Nayara Menezes is the photograffer who send the photos to Felicita Festas.
    Please dont you trust those people, she had done something that i could sue her for stiling my ideas.

    Thanks for your concern!
    Laura Jordão !

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