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Posted on April 5th, 2012 by Kara
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I’m so excited to share the POW WOW THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY I styled last month. This party is actually in my upcoming book and is one of the select parties you get to see before the book hits shelves this October!

All of the amazing photos were taken by Valerie Hart Photography. Valerie is so talented, and has been an absolute joy to work with.

The party was set among the infamous red rock and sand in Snow Canyon, Utah. It was such a gorgeous setting, and the perfect location for the party.

A lot of fun desserts and treats were created for the party. The edible teepees were made by dipping ice cream sugar cones in melted white Wilton Candy Melts® and decorating with licorice string and various candies. “Corncob Twinkies®” were made by simply spreading frosting over Twinkies® and placing Reese’s Pieces® in rows on top of the frosting. The cupcakes on top of the old toy drum were topped with fondant corncob cupcake toppers that I ordered from Parkers Flour Patch. The adorable teepee cake pops were ordered online from Etsy shop, Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sin’s. Cute cactus-shaped sugar cookies were ordered online from All Things Exquisite. Totem poles were made out of tootsie rolls and cupcakes were topped with small dreamcatchers.

For activities the children colored and put together small cardboard teepees using a kit from my shop and filled glass jars with colored sand. They also cut out cute paper doll banners, a download from Happy Paper Hearts. Small bows and arrows and little dolls were given to each child to play with throughout the party and take home afterwards.

Vendor Credits:

Photography–Valerie Hart Photography

Party Styling–Kara’s Party Ideas

Invitations, Food Label Tent Cards, Teepee Party Hats— Included on CD in Book- Released October, 2012

Necklaces, Gummy Snakes, Paper Sacks, Toy Tomahawks, Dream Catchers, Pouch Craft Kit, Teepee Craft Kit, Feathers, Glass Jars, Small Glass Jars, Rock Candy, Wooden Utensils, Colored Sand, Sucker Sticks, Wilton Candy Melts(R), Bakers Twine, Paper Shred, Scrapbook Paper, Paper Bags—Kara’s Party Shop

Teepee Cake Pops—Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sin’s

Paper Doll Banner–Happy Paper Hearts

Cactus-Shaped Sugar Cookies—All Things Exquisite

Corncob Fondant Cupcake Toppers—Parkers Flour Patch

Fondant Cookie Toppers—Cookie Covers
Children’s Teepee–Amazon


165 thoughts on “Pow Wow Party – Kara’s Party Ideas Book

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  1. Valerie

    Hi Kara! I love the invitation for this themed party. Is there a way to purchase just the invite from you without having to order the entire book and cd? My hubby put pme on a budget for this party LOL :)

  2. gina

    How pathetically sad that a child’s-themed birthday party is deemed as a negative societal statement. It’s a party for cryin’ out loud, not a way to honor or educate children on Native American history. That’s what we are for! Please, stop massaging and manipulating a simplistic and fun party idea into some kind of racial cry of discrimination. It’s sickening.

    1. Kara Yellow Bird

      And yet, these images achieve a level of insult to me, as an American Indian, that is shocking and demonstrate astonishing ignorance. We aren’t a theme: we’re human beings. Gross caricatures of others’ cultures are not a fun way to celebrate – they are a fun way to denigrate. Staggering ignorance celebrated beautifully – I’ll give you two thumbs up for that.


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