Pinterest Christmas Party! – Printables & Craft Project

Posted on December 20th, 2011 by Kara
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Take a look at this! A fabulous PINTEREST CHRISTMAS PARTY submitted by Sarah McAffry of Sarah C Photography. In light of Sarah’s current Pinterest obsession she decided to host a party to let her friends actually complete some of the projects they’ve been pinning. GENIUS! She picked four DIY projects and had all the supplies ready. Everyone showed up with their scissors in hand ready to get to work! After some yummy holiday appetizers {pizza puffs, easy cheesy bean dip, peanut butter cheese ball and DARLING Santa hat brownie bites), they crafted until the supplies were gone.
On the list was a moss covered wreath, a Christmas card ribbon garland, a rustic candleholder and a NOEL sign. Everybody left with three or four projects to decorate their homes with!
Sarah created a 12 page downloadable pdf with all of the project instructions and recipes! Now you can print it out and have all the instructions to make these items on your own…or hey, throw your own party! Download the pdf here.

Don’t forget, you can download a 12 page pdf booklet with all the project instructions and recipes seen in this post! Follow this link to download.



14 thoughts on “Pinterest Christmas Party! – Printables & Craft Project

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  1. Hope

    Amazing Idea. I need to do be more crafty. lol So im trying to be this season.. Just a question though how much did you charge per person or how did you work out that.

  2. humofdelicious

    What a great idea, and how fun that I just happen to have grown up next to Sarah’s dad…and just fell across this on Pinterest today! :D


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