Halloween BOOfast {Breakfast} Party! – A Healthy Halloween

Posted on October 18th, 2011 by Kara
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And up next…a super cute HALLOWEEN BOOfast CELEBRATION submitted by Sarah Young

of Sheek ShindigsBecause breakfast is a favorite at Sarah’s house, she has the tendency of styling breakfast themed tables in place of the popular dessert tables on occasion. SO cute & clever! Sarah liked the idea of a Halloween BOOfast Celebration because it allows guests to celebrate Halloween and the autumn season without the focus being on candy.

Here is what Sarah said about the party- “I wanted to make the Halloween BOOfast table simple and easy to re-create, healthy enough to satisfy my fellow moms, and appealing to even the littlest party guest. This breakfast themed table would be perfect for a Halloween party, playdate/playgroup celebration, or even to surprise your little ones on Halloween morning.

The BOOfast menu included pumpkin muffins, a variety of cereals, yogurt parfaits with various topping choices, and milk. Everything was “dressed-up” so that the kids wouldn’t even notice that the candy and sweets were missing.
It’s amazing how a little wrapper and cupcake topper can transform a muffin! The kids won’t even notice that the extra sugar or icing is missing from these pumpkin muffins.I found these adorable mini tins a few years ago in the Target Dollar Spot and I have gotten so much use out of them. I decided that they would be perfect for getting the kids excited about having a bowl of cereal. Don’t be fooled…these cereal choices are healthy and light on sugar content as well (Fiber One, Whole Wheat Chex, and Gorilla Munch). Just don’t tell the kids!Milk in a plain glass just won’t do for this celebration. Instead, I transformed empty jars into a Ghostly Glass of Milk! My kids LOVED these and they are so incredibly easy to make.

I used small, paper-wrapped canning jars to serve yogurt & fruit cups while the ceramic pumpkin containers held granola, dried fruit, slivered almonds, and other topping choices for the guests to choose from.

To dress up the serving table, I covered two lamp shades with black card stock and added some buntings for fun. This is an inexpensive way to temporarily transform an item that you already have at home (in this case, a lamp) to add to your table’s decor and the overall presentation. I also made some paper rosettes and used a few Halloween decorations that I had at home (the cute witch and the spiders on each end) to finish things off.

I hope that this BOOfast Table inspires others to start their day off with a little Halloween Celebration!”


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  2. Sabrina

    Another way to do the faces on the milk jugs is to make them from chocolate sauce inside the glass and freeze the glasses until ready to pour the milk. That way, the jugs can be re-used and there is a tiny sweet treat inside! ;)


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