Water Fight “Wars” Birthday Party!

Posted on July 28th, 2011 by Kara
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Like I said earlier, today I am featuring a few parties that were photographed by the talented Wendy Updegraff. This WATER FIGHT or WATER WARS BIRTHDAY PARTY she threw for her son’s 11th birthday was a huge success! A dunking tank?! I’m sure all the kids at the party talked about that one for weeks. This party just looks like so much fun…the kind of party that makes you want to be a kid again! Thanks for your submission, Wendy!

All party printables were designed by Wendy. Custom birthday banner ordered from etsy shop, Cardboard Sheek. Tattoos printed by etsy shop, Buttonhead.


12 thoughts on “Water Fight “Wars” Birthday Party!

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  2. Hilary

    HELLO!! Most fabulous idea and hats off! I’m wondering where you ordered the invitations and tattoos???


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