Sweet Strawberry Party

Posted on June 8th, 2010 by Kara
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today’s winning feature goes to this lovely
sweet strawberry party
submitted by glorious treats!
love her work!
how adorable is the ribbon pleated tablecloth?!
you want to know the great thing about this party?…
she only spent $38 on the whole thing!! love that!
thanks very much for your submission, glory!
congrats on being the winning feature today…






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  1. krobertsonnotar

    Oh my josh! I need you. I'm planning a 3rd stawberry bday party for my daughter and I just ran across your blog. I love, love, love it. Did you just find the supplies at Michaels? What dollar store did you find the bubbles at?

    I've searched high and low for the berry baskets too. Where did you find them?

    I need to live where you live! I'm hoping that our local Michaels has the stuff too.


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