Pinwheels and Pearls Party!

Posted on April 29th, 2010 by Kara
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today’s winning feature goes to this delightful pinwheels and pearls birthday party. vicky of the city cradle did such an amazing job. i am in awe. what a darling, darling party! i love the idea of using pinwheels and pearls together.

this party is just precious.

congratulations on being the winning feature today, vicky!


these pinwheels below were made out of melted and flattened starbursts!…
lovely party favors…


vicky made this party hat out of string, a regular party hat {for a mold} and liquid fabric stiffener!…

8 thoughts on “Pinwheels and Pearls Party!

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  1. dorothy c

    hi…im planning my birthday…and i found some great ideas on your blog!!!:)
    btw.whats between the cupcakes…the white things??tnx

  2. Vicky

    Kara, thanks so much for the feature! It was a really fun party to throw.

    Dorthy, we had strings of pearls layered on the cupcake stands with the cupcakes.

  3. Two Bees Tutus and Events

    Vicky, I Love it!!! I just checked out your blog and you have the neatest ideas!!! You are so inspiring, thank you so much for your tutorials. Gotta warn you I may try one or two of your ideas, they are AWESOME!!!! :)


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