Red & Blue Argyle Party

Posted on February 24th, 2010 by Kara
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my next winning feature goes to pauline su of australia {the party studio} & her son’s first birthday party. i love the colors and photo’s {beautiful west photography}. and how CUTE are those wooden forks?!

this party is adorable. thanks for your submission pauline!

scroll down and check. out. the. cuteness.


7 thoughts on “Red & Blue Argyle Party

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  1. Discovering Cupcakes

    I agree-the wooden spoons are adorable, plus the cupcakes look super yummy!

    What a great idea for a theme!

  2. J & L Bennett Family

    Hi Kara,
    I just found your blog. Michelle has been telling me to look it up. While not surprised by your creativity since I was always sure you had more talent in your little pinky than I had in my whole being, I am so very pleased to see you doing something so fun and, I am sure, enjoyable. I always knew you would be successful at whatever you do. How's everything going? I saw Erin the other day. She seems happy. Anyway, my best to you and yours. Love, Lori Bennett


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