Peppermint Party

Posted on January 2nd, 2010 by Kara
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i did this peppermint party on tuesday at a friends house. i am really happy with how it turned out. it definitely has more of an amy atlas look {which i love…LOVE amy atlas}. hope you enjoy…

thanks for the idea of filling vases with round peppermints, jamee {setting the mood}!..

my sister gave me a square cupcake pan for christmas…so i used it to melt peppermint candies in. i placed the peppermint candy squares on brownies. they turned out so pretty!…

i’lllet you in on my secret…i went the easy route as far as the ‘cake balls’ went. they’re not cake balls, but doughnut holes dipped in chocolate! they caught my eye in the grocery store….and they worked out great!

i wanted to make a banner out of candy canes…so i came up with this. i love how it turned out!…

good old peppermint bark….

i made chocolate peppermint cupcakes…

i wrapped my cake in peppermint sticks {and added red ribbon for a special touch}… i dipped the tops of my glasses in karo syrup and then rolled them in crushed peppermint candy. i added cute peppermint ribbon to the bottoms {ribbon found at target a few months ago}. you can also see the peppermint shot glasses i found at target…

i wanted to use actual ‘cones’ instead of paper for the treat cones, but didn’t like the brown color with everything…so i decided to dip them in chocolate! they were SO yummy!…

i dipped the peppermint sticks in chocolate as well :)…

although carnations are pretty spendythis time of year, they were well worth it. i loved the way they looked with everything…

thanks for stopping by…and for your nice comments! i do read them!


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  1. BreeAnn

    I have been browsing through your blog for the past hour or so! You are an amazing party planner! Love everything that you have done!

  2. cutiepiescustomcreations

    LOVE the idea of using donuts for the cake ball pops—I have not been brave enough to try bakerellas pops yet but was looking for ideas for treats to make w/my sons for vday and I am totally adpating these! you rock, as always!

  3. Brandi

    Can you tell me how you did the banner – I am about to do a winter/snowman theme party and have lots of blue candy canes — and it would be perfect!



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