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Paper Straws

Kara offers over 70 different straw types in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Whether your plans dictate a formal or casual occasion straws with a pattern is a lot more fun than common plain straws giving an extra flair of exciting pizazz and style.

Straws are great for a cool refreshers on a hot lazy summer day get together or drawing in the warmth from a soothing drink at a wintertime party. Straws make awesome party accents. View creative party ideas and uses for paper straws here.

Paper Straws in Spiderman Party
Paper Straws in Spiderman Party
Despicable Me Party
Paper Straws in Despicable Me Party
Paper Straws in Animal Party
Paper Straws in Animal Party
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  • Gray Paper Straws | 144ct

    Gray Paper Straws | 144ct

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  • Red Paper Straws | 144ct

    Red Paper Straws | 144ct


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  • Striped Plastic Straws | 100ct

    Striped Plastic Straws | 100ct

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  • Pink Crown Straws |25 ct

    Pink Crown Straws |25 ct

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  • Brown Stripe Paper Straw | 50ct

    Brown Stripe Paper Straw | 50ct


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  • Black Stripe Paper Straw | 50ct

    Black Stripe Paper Straw | 50ct


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  • Purple Stripe Paper Straw | 50ct

    Purple Stripe Paper Straw | 50ct


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  • Striped Plastic Straws | 100ct

    Striped Plastic Straws | 100ct

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  • Neon Orange Flexible Straws | 50ct

    Neon Orange Flexible Straws | 50ct

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  • Red And Blue Striped Paper Straws | 25ct

    Red And Blue Striped Paper Straws | 25ct


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  • Stripe Flexible Straws | 50ct

    Stripe Flexible Straws | 50ct

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  • Red Flexible Straws | 50ct

    Red Flexible Straws | 50ct

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  • Pink Flexible Straws | 50ct

    Pink Flexible Straws | 50ct

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  • Plastic Stripe 4.75" Sip Straws | 100ct

    Plastic Stripe 4.75" Sip Straws | 100ct

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Items 81 to 109 of 109 total

Paper Straws Party Ideas

Recycling things into amazing new items is smart and people have made incredible new things from unusual items. Straws are being implemented into many useful and decorative new marvels. Insert a chevron straw into a Rice Krispie or marshmallow pops. Dip into chocolate, sprinkle with toppings and tie on a ribbon around the straw for a wonderful party favor treat! Insert a wood kabob stick into a chevron straw and then insert it into an apple for incredibly cute decorative caramel apples. For an added touch dip the caramel apple into colorful candy melts and "ta da!" you have a really party winner!

Adding a topper to a drinking straw can bring animation and a whole new element to a party. Straws work well for flower stems and pinwheels. Your imagination can extend to the endless possibilities with ideas from innovative and creative crafters who offer their inspirations online.

A simple straw can be made into delightful treasures or party favors for kids at parties. Cutting a slant on the end and a few holes into a straw can make a quick, fun whistle for a party favor for kids. Another fun party favor made from straws is launch-able drinking straw paper planes.

Patterned straws work well in many craft projects. One of the intriguing things you can make using patterned is to weave them into baskets or lamp shades by flattening the straw. Patterned straws that are glued together form a beautiful incandescent glowing lamp shade. Straws can be used to make elegant wreaths. You can leave the straw straight or simply cut off the end at an angle or bend the straws together to form wreaths that last for years.

History of The Chevron Pattern

The chevron design is a pattern that has been in vogue for centuries and is just as popular and "faddish" today. It is seen throughout architectural and interior designs as well as fashion statements. The chevron symbol resembles a roof top and is traditionally a mark of power, strength and protection. The knights throughout the middle ages carried the symbol on their outer garments and on their shields into battle. Many family coat of arms carry the insignia of the chevron pattern. Today, the chevron pattern is found on scout, police and military uniforms as a mark of rank, service and badge of honor. The chevron badge of the American Air Force is given in recognition of outstanding notable service. The zig zag chevron pattern will always be a mark of standing inspiration.

History of the Modern Straw

Straws have been around for centuries. One of the earliest known evidences of straws in found in a 5,000 year old tomb depicting two men with straws drinking from jars and in this same tomb archeologists found a real gold straw tube with precious blue stones.

Marvin Chester Stone from Washington D.C. is credited for inventing and patenting the first present day drinking straw in 1888. Marvin's father, Chester Stone invented many useful articles such as the cheese press and washing machines. Before Marvin made the first paper drinking straws people were using grass and rye straws which left an undesirable grass flavor in the beverage. Marvin thought there had to be a better alternative.

Marvin invented a machine to make paper cigarette holders after which he came up with a machine to automatically wind and swirl up paper straws. Marvin covered his straws with paraffin wax to keep it from getting soggy. The drinking straws became so popular that his factory was produced far more straws than they did cigarette holders.

Marvin Chester Stone was referred to as a friend of the working class. He provided his straw making employees with a large library, music room, meeting room and a dancing floor in their factory. Paper straws are a great way to add a unique feel and style to your party.

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