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Press inquiries Kara's Party Ideas Kara Allen Contact

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  1. Alicia

    I saw the Disney Pixar’s Cars 3rd Birthday Party- Lighting Mcqueen Party which was Posted on November 3rd, 2011 by Kara.
    I really like the decoration and candy buffet ideas. It’s really nice.
    Actually, my son’s 3 yrs birthday is coming soon.
    He really loves the Disney Pixar’s Cars.
    Therefore, I want to make his party with the Disney Pixar’s Cars theme.
    I think that It’s really perfect for his party.

    So I’m wondering… do you sell those decoration items?
    If you do, how much are they?
    If I can order these items, how long time take it to get it?
    His birthday party will be on Aug,17.
    Do you think I can get these items before his birthday party ?

  2. Celia Chavez

    Hi Kara,
    Just letting you know I signed-up at Pinterest & on Facebook ‘liked’ Candy Galaxy. I enjoy all the awesome ideas you post. I hope I win. Perfect timing for my grand daughter’s 5th birthday. It is a Tea Party theme. Thanks

  3. susana

    I would like to know where you got the minion popcorn cones?? I am doing a minion movie party for my 3 yr old this year..

  4. Quia

    Hi, I Would Like To Know How Can I Contact You ? I Love The Baby Themes & Was Wonder If We Can Talk About Planing Soon . Thanks Please Get Back To Me :)

  5. Farheen Fatima

    Hi Kara!!
    Just checked your work on you website its amazing and I am speechless, I wanna plan a Birthday Party for My son hes 1st BIRTHDAY :)
    But have no idea what theme I want and how I wanna do it, There’s gonna be a lot of people from both sides, Plus I want it to be something
    different and unique. Please HELP ME!!

    THANKS :)

  6. Maranda

    Hi Kara! My name is Maranda. I am going to school right now but I am just like you! I aspire to be a party planner. I always have the hardest time explaining to people what my dream is and with your success in the industry I feel like I can finally pinpoint what I dream to be. I have planned parties for 4 years now. I started at school planning assemblies and events and truly fell in love with the job on my 16th birthday party. Right now I am the special events coordinator at my school, my job is focused around student events on holidays. I have a lot of fun and am gaining so much experience. I know it is a long shot but I have so many questions for you so I was hoping to contact you through email and get some insight on your success. You are an amazing role model to me.
    Thank you so much


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