Press inquiries Kara’s Party Ideas Kara Allen Contact

Press inquiries Kara's Party Ideas Kara Allen Contact

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  1. Carmen

    I am giving my daughter a baby shower for my first grandchild. Our colors are blue, white and orange. Is it possible to get that carriage in those colors.

  2. sandra borruso

    Hi, I love the vintage train party you threw for your son! What size muslin bags did you use? I purchased 7′ wooden whistles. Would 3 x4 bag look okay for the whistles?
    Thank you! I appreciate your help!

  3. Maheeah Christopher

    hi, I am planning a dinosaur theme beach party for my son in the Virgin Islands, and I loved the little bird nest with the eggs in it to give to each of the guest. Is it possible for you to assist with those. and any other ideas that you might have would be great.

  4. Anonymous

    hi kara
    my name is jessica
    i was wondering if u can plan my sons firsst birthday plz contact me back at
    [email protected]

  5. Adrian

    I absolutely adore all of your party ideas!! I have a banner and party decoration business that I started a couple months ago and would love to donate something to you to use in your designs :) I know you probably get a million requests but thought I would give it a shot. Plus, I think we have similar style in party stuff!! If you would like to check my etsy shop out it is :
    I also just started a facebook page as well Thank you so much!!!!!


  6. saiqa abbas

    hey i am trying to order Big Elmo cardboard cutout which i saw at your website….cant find anywhere else. can you please help me where can i order that. i have emialed you before, please respond me as soon as possible if you can. i will really appriciate that. thank you

  7. suzette rocco

    hi! planning a 11th bday party for my daugther. she love the glam instagram theme, all of it especially the cake. you do all this? how much will it cost for 20 kids boys/girls. the date will be on May 30, 2015 in our home.

    1. rosie alcaraz

      i’d like to get the peter rabbit printables for a baby shower. can’t find it on your website. hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

  8. Akilah


    I’m trying to plan my mom 50th Birthday party theme is Pink Diamonds. she love pink (all shades of pink), white, and glitter I trying to look on site for decoration but all keep getting to kids stuff I would like to be elegant and nice. Can you help me?


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