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  1. Diana Saray

    I would like to know if I buy it in Colombia, How you will bring it here, how much is it and how long does it take to arrive? Thx :)

  2. Bonita Hitchcock

    If you could call me on my cell phone. I would prefer to order that way. I have a baby shower for a special niece. 1-614-531-9155

  3. Monique Castiglione

    Hi Kara and Amber,
    Wow I get lots of energy from you and your ideas and photos. How do you do it; becomming so big in business. It is very inspiring. I have a question, I live in The Netherlands (Europe) and wonder if I can order the book and other things from your webshop. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards Monique

  4. charline daswon

    I like the idea you think outside the box for party planning..wondering if you have any creative ideas for a Steampunk Wedding Reception? Thank You


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