Juicy Couture Baby Shower

Posted on December 16th, 2013 by Kara
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This is what Miriam said about planning the party- “I recently threw a glamorous pink and gold Juicy Couture inspired baby shower for my sister and her baby girl on the way. My sister’s baby shower bash was so much fun to plan! My favorite part of the shower was surprising her with photographer Rebekah Meredith who also took her maternity pictures!

I was inspired to create a “Ready to Pop” theme so we planned an entire dessert table around that! The popcorn table included bubbly and sweet treats that popped including cake pops, marshmallow baby rattles, gum tape, popcorn toppings and a popcorn cart! We also had a dessert spread with lots of pretty mini cakes and desserts.

Guests were greeted with Signature Mocktails and had a lot of fun playing games for a chance to win Juicy Couture prizes.

For the centerpieces, I arranged white and pink carnations for an ombre effect and gave the vases a gold glittery treatment! I stacked baby food jars on cake stands. I styled the shower in fuchsia, light pink and white petal taffeta linens that complimented the “Ready to Pop” theme because they looked like bubbles.

Installations included various sized paper lanterns in shades of pink, pink streamers, tassel garlands, gold mylar balloons that spelled out “BABY” and a handmade popcorn garland that I created to hang above the popcorn bar.  Guests lounged around in the mommy lounge and took home pink nail polish favors!”

Items and supplies used in this Juicy Couture Baby Shower available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

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  2. Dawnae Stewart

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