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Posted on November 18th, 2013 by Kara
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Camouflage Party Details:

This is what was said about the party- “Last Sunday we celebrate the 10th anniversary son Ian and his Dad 39 years Igor . The theme of the party was Camouflage / Paintball !

We were all very happy with the result . The party was pure enchantment ! Many details that made all the difference . All children won a bag with the kit (mask , hat , squeeze , horn and goodies ) . It was fun!

The decor made with personalized candy and toys army was very successful !

This time , I devoted my time to do a candy buffet , and it worked ! The table was very beautiful, happy , full of life !

To end this day so glad we hired a magician, and filled the party and tenderness, all the guests were very happy for him!

My son jumped out of happiness , ran everywhere and thanked the party with lots of kisses !

He deserves as it is a very kind and happy child”!

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