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Posted on November 26th, 2013 by Kara
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All Things Art Party with So Many Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #PartySupplies

All Things Art Party Full of Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #Supplies (42)

All Things Art Party with So Many Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #PartySupplies

All Things Art Party Full of Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #PartySupplies (17)

All Things Art Party Full of Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #PartySupplies (18)

All Things Art Party Full of Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #Supplies (46)

All Things Art Party Full of Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #Supplies (50)

All Things Art Party with So Many Fabulous Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #ArtParty #PaintingParty #PartyIdeas #PartySupplies

All Things Art Party Details:

This is what Kelly said about planning the party- “My girls, Ella & Addy, LOVE being creative, just like Mommy, so their 2nd & 4th birthday party, I decided to do an all-things-art party and let them go crazy! I’m an artist myself and am always inspired by all the different styles and forms of art, so I wanted their party to incorporate a little bit of everything! The end results were an amazing, colorful, fun, funky, whimsical, creative, hands-on “pARTy” that the girls will never forget! Here are some of the ideas and things I wanted to include:

1. Painting (of course). My dad and I made oversized sawhorses to use as easels. We had large gallery wrapped canvases and assorted wooden toys/birdhouses for the kids to paint. I had smaller, flat canvases for the babies so we could do hand & footprint art with them:) I sell SPIKERS at my shop, so I had the idea to stick them in the ground all around the easels and fill with water for the kids to rinse their brushes, which turned out to be a GREAT idea! The kids loved it, and we did’t have to worry about any spilled water cups! We just put a screw on each end of the easels to hang the aprons from.
2. Spin Art…hands down, the crowd favorite! I think the adults enjoyed doing this as much as the kids! Will definitely do this again for future parties! Unfortunately, a busy schedule and not enough hours in the day = not getting to set up the splatter paint booth I had hoped to have, but there was still plenty to keep the kiddos busy!
3. Street Art – **MY FAVORITE THING FROM THE PARTY!** Every year I have a photographer capture the party, and I always paint a backdrop to have an area where I can make sure all guests get their pics taken at come point. This year, I thought it would be fun to have a graffiti wall to represent street art, which I LOVE! I found an amazing local artist who could bring my vision to life! I bought 2 pieces of brick panel board from Lowes, and I just told him I wanted it to look like the back of an old building…he nailed it! We got some old palettes and coke crates to complete the look, and this definitely turned out to be my favorite thing!
4. Face Painters – You’ve got to have face painters at an art party!! I met these sisters 2 years ago when they were painting faces at Earth Day and fell in love with their charming personalities!
5. Air Brush – It never went out of style in my book! =) And since this is an all-things-art party, we had to have some air brushed shirts! Ella loves Pluto and Addy loves Minnie, so these guys made these amazing custom tees for them, which I cut up and upcycled into some cute birthday dresses!
6. Tattoo Parlor – Can’t forget this form of expressing yourself! We named our Tattoo Shop “LA Ink” (since we’re in Louisiana and a play on L.A. Ink, of course). My sweet neighbor must have cut out 200+ temporary tattoos, and we had a station set up for the kids to give each other tattoos. I cut up the illustrations from the packaging all the tattoos came in and arranged them in frames to hang from the wall as the “flash” that you find in real tattoo shops. The kids all thought it was so awesome! They looked at the pics and decided what characters they wanted, then they would dig through to find them!
7. Wearable Art – Me, my 4 year old, and my mother-in-law enjoyed some fun, quality time making several dozen fruit loop necklaces for all the guests! These were inexpensive, easy to make, an easy craft for an almost-4-year-old to help with, and ultimately, a major hit at the party!
8. Signs/Chalkboards – I make birthday posters, and I had the idea to make one of my chalkboard signs to use as a photo prop for their invite. I wrote all the party info on the sign, took a pic of the girls with the sign, then mailed out the photo as the invite…too cute! Then I displayed the invite at the party. I made a thumbprint tree to use as the guestbook, and included one of my favorite art quotes, “The earth without art is just ‘eh’ “, which tied in perfectly with the tree and art themed party. Guests enjoyed the interactive guestbook, and I’ve displayed the completed sign in my girls’ playroom!
9. Edible Art – All the fun things from the cake/dessert table were related to art, and I especially loved the rainbow cake, which was a surprise to the girls and guests!! They didn’t know until we cut the cake, and their little faces lit up with excitement!
10. Coloring & Sidewalk Chalk – This is something inexpensive and easy that I do at all their parties! I always set up a little table with assorted coloring books and crayons, and the kids always take some time to sit down and color:) And I just place sidewalk chalk up and down the driveway so they can just draw larger than life pictures if they please!”

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  2. Karly - Pullingers

    Thanks for sharing! Great ideas for an arts and crafts birthday party. Loving those paint brush treats – very clever! :-)


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