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  1. chasity harris

    where did you get that table cloth….
    or can you give instructions on how to make it?
    thank you so much

  2. Sister Spooky

    The fabric is cut in wide strips, hemmed at the bottom of each ‘strip’ and a basic ‘gathering’ stitch at the top. It appears the strips were then placed onto a generic white tablebskirt and straight stitched across, leaving a slight overlapping of the color placed atop of the previous ‘row’. Once all of the colors were in place, it looks like the top of the material was folded over (or another material folded over the top of the strip where the gathering stitch was done) to conceal the gathering and then straight stitched across to secure. Then the skirt would be secured to the table as all table skirts are. Since everyone is begging for the”how-to” on the project and whomever posted it hasn’t responded, I figure it’s the polite thing to tell everyone how to accomplish the ‘look’, seeing as I sew regularly and could easily ascertain how to recreate this look for a table skirt in a rather easy method anyone without sewing experience should be able to replicate. For the other items used in her display, I think she’s supplied links to that information; I am not sure why this image was neglected with an instructional video or written directions as to her supplies and methodology.

    Happy sewing, and good luck!

    ~ Sister Spooky


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