Nautical Sailboat Dessert Cups Recipe

Posted on July 29th, 2013 by Kara
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Nautical sail boat jello cups recipe on THE place for ALL things PARTY!

Are you planning a nautical, sailboat or ocean themed party? Well then these darling NAUTICAL SAILBOAT JELLO CUPS are for you! Follow the easy recipe below to create these adorable dessert cups in minutes!

Nautical Sailboat Jello Boats Recipe

Items needed / Ingredients:

1 box blue raspberry Jello
Mandarine oranges or Clementines
Long toothpicks
White card stock


Prepare the Jello following the instructions on the box in small clear cups or glasses, filling the cups to the top.

Cut small 1 1/2″ tall triangular sail shapes out of card stock and attach to the ends of long toothpicks with glue or clear tape.

Once Jello has set peel your Clementines and separate into segments (one segment per jello cup).

Insert the toothpick sails through the top of the clementine pieces and into the top middle of your jello cups.


Nautical sail boat jello cups recipe on THE place for ALL things PARTY!


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