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  1. Jerrika Rae Pardubsky

    Hi! I’m 9. I’m going to turn 10 June 18. mom says she’s planning my b-day, but i just want to give her some ideas. I’m a huge harry potter fan. Watch all movies and I’m going to start to read the fifth book: harry potter and the order of phoniex. fav characters: hermione, harry, ron, ginny, dumbuldore, can’t decide on malfoy,draco, narcissa, heck almost all. except for death eaters. have already read books 1-4. i’m in fourth grade. August 7th,2014 i’ll be a fifth grader.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m with ya, sis! good job also. im impressed. dan, rupert, and bonnie said good job also. they’re impressed.

      Emma Watson


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