Best and Easiest Party Punch Ever- Pink Party Punch Recipe!

Posted on April 18th, 2013 by Kara
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When preparing for a party we want recipes that are delicious and easy, right? Well this Pink Party Punch Recipe is one of my favorites! Easily whip it up in two or less minutes and wow your guests with it’s yumminess!

Best and Easiest Party Punch Ever- Pink Party Punch Recipe


1 2 quart pitcher of pink lemonade

1 2 quart container of raspberry sorbet

1 2 liter bottle of sprite, 7-up or any lemon-lime soda

3 cups fresh cut strawberries


Add all ingredients to a punch bowl. Stir and serve. Easy as one, two, three!


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  2. Jessica Wilson

    How many servings does this make? I’m thinking about making this for an upcoming baby shower but want to be sure I get enough ingredients to serve all of the guests.

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  4. Tiffany

    Hope this helps:

    Recipe calls for:
    2 QUARTS of pink lemonade.
    2 QUARTS of raspberry sorbet/sherbert
    1-2 LITER bottle of sprite or 7 up
    (3 cups fresh cut strawberries)

    There are approximately 2.11 QUARTS in TWO LITERS.
    As listed above:
    2 QTS (2 LITERS ) of pink lemonade
    2 QTS (2 LITERS ) of raspberry sorbet/sherbet
    *I subtracted only 1ltr of sorbet for melting*
    2 LITERS of sprite or 7 up

    I add:

    2(LITERS )x2= 4 liters
    Plus 1 liter of melted sorbet*
    Equals 5 LITERS.

    There are roughly 3.80 LITERS (ALMOST 4LITERS) In 1 GALLON.
    THEREFORE, it makes a little over 1 gallon.

    4 liters = 1 gallon
    8 liters = 2 gallon
    12 liters = 3 gallons
    16 liters = 4 gallons


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