Delicious Blueberry Cream Smoothie Recipe

Posted on March 30th, 2013 by Kara
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Blueberry Cream Smoothie Recipe! Easy and delicious and healthy! Serve at your next party or shower! Recipe via Kara's Party Ideas

Serve this delicious Blueberry Cream Smoothie at your next shower, party or brunch! Amazing for breakfast, too!

Yummy Blueberry Creme Smoothie Recipe 


1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries
1 cup Greek yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup sugar, honey, agave, stevia, etc. (optional)
1 tsp flaxseed oil (optional)


Place all ingredients in blender and blend on high speed until well mixed. Fresh mint adds a really good touch to the smoothie, if desired. Enjoy!


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