Candy Land Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by Kara
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Candyland Candy Land themed birthday party via Kara's Party Ideas | #candyland #candy #land #sweet #shoppe #birthday #party #ideas #cake #decor #idea

This fun CANDY LAND THEMED SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Chakoda of Chakoda Designs.

A few of my favorite party ideas in this candy land party are:

  • The tumbling mats used for the rainbow path
  • The tufted Queen Anne chair holding the paper crowns
  • The large plastic ice cream cones
  • and MORE!

This is what Chakoda said about planning the party- “Candy turns 2! So fun & Sweetly Colorful. Wanted to create it as close to the game as possible. All the rentals & props were from They were life size pieces & most importantly kid friendly. Guests loved it! Even non-guests stopped by to take a closer look!”

Photography: Charlene Freelance Photography





13 thoughts on “Candy Land Themed 2nd Birthday Party

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  1. Wonderscope Visuals

    This is really incredible – they basically recreated Candyland in their backyard! As a children’s illustrator, I’ve always been a big fan of Candyland – the game art is great! I went and checked out the Chakoda Designs site – looks like there is also a giant mural available that would make a great photo backdrop. I’m curious as to what the three dimensional items are made out of – maybe a lightweight plastic of some kind? Anyway, awesome decorations!

  2. Chakoda

    Hi there! thanks for all the wonderful comments we are a Unique themed Rentals & Design Company- these unfortunately are not for sale- and rentals are only for the state of California. We do not know of any other companies outside our surrounding area. Very pleased you liked my props & decor! Thanks again.

  3. xch

    yeah… that’s great if you have thousands of $ to spend on a birthday party.. it’s very unrealistic for those who don’t have credit cards

  4. Chakoda

    Having a birthday party with our rentals don’t have to cost thousands of dollars.. we have rental packages that start at $200.00 or you can also rent items individually, we like to fit into everyones budget. This client however did not have a budget, so of course with any thing in life, if you have a little bit more flexibility with your budget, you can have more of a special look. We do try to be unique in the prop and decor items we offer, to try to seperate us from everyone else- for that special touch :)

  5. raneisha

    Hi im trying to have a candyland baby shower in november and i stay in new orleans
    how much would it be?

  6. Diamond

    I loved it I’m trying to have a candy land party for my two year old daughter in November I was wondering how much would that be i’m in Milwaukee, WI


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