New York Themed 40th Birthday Party

Posted on December 19th, 2012 by Kara
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This fabulous NEW YORK THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Natalia Gerolamo of Laços e Açúcar. Such a fun party theme! This would be perfect for so many occasions!

Natalia said this about planning the party- “My client was turning 40 years old and he wanted something that was not so teenager but also that  was fun!!! Then we decided together NY Theme. He lived in NYC for 10 years and it’s still his favorite place. We tried to bring to the party details of the city such as the cosmopolitan drink that we created a version of brazilian sweet, but in a Cosmopolitan form. Everything was edible, even the lime. As he loved basketball we created a “lounge” with basketball sweets and we used small balls. The cookies were designed as NYC street signs. The chocolate bars were the NYC subway signs and the chocolate truffle was the apples. The yellow cabs were edible too. They are a very famous brazilian sweet called Pão de Mel (honey bread). We also used a NY Times newspaper as background. The cake was the skyline of NY plus everything that we can find in the CITY. We also had the Empire State Chocolate and everyone loved so much.”

Vendors and Credits:
Cookies, chocolate truffles, Yellow Cab Honey Bread, Empire State Chocolate – DOCICES
Cake – Bolos Decorados
Macarrons – Le Pettit Nicolas

Cupcakes – Cupcakes Daluana 

Cosmopolitan Sweets – Laços e Açúcar

Decor and Creation - Laços e Açúcar

Items used in this party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

Mini Pedestal Cups

Mini Martini Glasses

Clear Mini Spoons

Mini Curved Spoons



7 thoughts on “New York Themed 40th Birthday Party

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  1. Charlie

    Woooooooooooooooooooooow *–* The cakes are wonderfull :D I love it. And the cupcakes i don´t have see that. When i have birtthday i would like some one :)

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  5. Collette

    I am attending a New York style 40th bday partythis Saturday.
    We are asked to dress up like ” New York style”.
    Do you have any ideas of what type of clothing I can wear?
    Thanks, Collette :)


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