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  1. megan

    please share how these Oreo cookie pops were made, my daughters 2nd birthday is on the 19th of January and I would love to make these for her party

  2. Linda Martinez

    can you share how these oreo cookie pops were made. I would love to make them for my granddaughter.

  3. Nena

    These are so cute :) , yes could you share how you made them. I would love to do them for my goddaughter. Very creative :)

  4. Emily Taylor

    Hi these are so cool, i am looking for different ideas to help make my baby’s party a success. If you could please share how you made these i would appreciate it. Her party is Sunday, September 22,

  5. Monique Smith

    Could you share how to make these, they are adorable. I want to make for my daughter’s 2nd birthday that is coming up on Oct 27th. Thanks so much!

    1. Lisette

      Im llanning to have my duaghters party and my theme is minnie mouse.I would love to know how you make this oreo pop .thanks


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