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  1. Linda McFarland

    Hi Kara,
    First of all, I just love how you picked the garden theme and how it all goes together. My Mom turns 90 next March and I’m starting to plan now.
    I love the “90″ out of cupcake liners. My question is that I’m not sure how you put the “90″ together. Styrofoam maybe? Did you scrunch up the liner
    and then use a pin in the center to attach to the styrofoam? Can you please explain how you put this together? I’d really appreciate it. How tall is the 90
    and about how many cupcake liners did you use? The other question is with the branches, did you make different size leaves or were they all the same?
    I appreciate your help. You did an amazing job and I’m sure your Husband’s Grandma appreciated all you did.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks so much,


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