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  1. Linda

    Hello! I love the dyed wedding dress! Wondering if you used Rit dye to do this. Also, did you do it by hand or in a washer? Thank you!

  2. Miles Dudley

    I am very curious also. You said you also painted the dress. Did you use Rit dye and what part and what kind of paint did you use?
    I realize you can dye cotton but I would have though this dress is not natural fibers so how did it come out so good? I want to try this so I would appreciate any pointes you can give me.

  3. Lucie Castonguay

    I also wonder how you’ll be able to dye your dress because I need to do so & now that I saw yours I know it worked & it’s so nicely done = love it !!! Congradulation!!!!
    Thanks for your help if you could let me know how & what U used, it’s appreciated. have a great day! :-))


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