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Posted on September 20th, 2012 by Kara
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In honor of the GRAND OPENING of the shop, I’m excited to finally be able to showcase my WITCHES BALL HALLOWEEN PARTY! I’m going to be posting exclusive Kara’s Party Ideas parties every day while the grand opening giveaway runs! Have you entered the $1000 GRAND PARTY PACKAGE GIVEAWAY yet? {This giveaway is HUGE. Everything you need to throw a fabulous party- a CANON CAMERA, $200 KPI shop credit, a $50 NORDSTROM gift card & a $50 VISA gift card! Be sure and ENTER HERE!}

I was so excited to be able to use my antique piano to display the set-up for this party! A witches ball definitely fits with a “musical” piano, don’t you think? Plus, the Witches Ball Printable Halloween Collection from my shop is one of my favorites and had everything I needed to complete the party! I just love the silhouette witches and vintage/musical feel.

The Printable Set includes:

Witches Ball “Happy Halloween” Rosette Banner
“Witches Ball” Rosette Banner
Witches Ball Invitations

Most items used in this party are available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

The kids drank their spooky green punch {with added dry ice} from these cute little cauldrons. Each cauldron held a Gray Striped Paper Straw topped with printable
One of my favorite elements of the party was the witches ball gown. It is actually an old wedding dress found at a thrift store then dyed and painted black and put on a dress form. It turned out just how I pictured it! It looks just like a gown that a witch would wear to a “witches ball”. I love the little skeleton tailor “mending” the dress…
These Witch Broom Pens from my shop were a hit! I had someone customized them. They make such a fun and festive party favor!
I mod podged one of the  onto the lid of the cake stand pictured below….
I made fun little utensil and napkin kits, packed up in mini plastic cauldrons. Plastic Skeleton Utensils from my shop were placed together with Cream Ric-Rac Ribbon, and then tied onto the handle of each cauldron. A green napkin was then inserted into the cauldrons, as well….
Black Candy Strings from my shop were displayed in an apothecary jar. I labeled it “Witch Hair” using the printable
I loved the little crows holding the “Witches Ball” Rosette Banner from their beaks!…

I thought these muted green apple candy rings piled into an Apothecary Jar made perfect “warts”! I mod podged one of the onto the jar….

These Halloween bottle labels from my shop are the perfect addition to any halloween party! Stick them on old bottles {this one was an olive oil bottle} and apothecary jars…

I wrapped Burlap Ribbon and one of the printable  around this jar filled with sour candy straws. I labeled them “Worms” using one of the printable ….

These adorable, edible broomsticks were made out of pretzel rods. Using the Black Cherry Candy Strings from my shop, we cut dozens of small strips {each about 4″ long} and “glued” them around the ends of the pretzels with royal icing. We then wrapped a small length of a green apple sour strip at a spot about 1/2″ from the end of the licorice strings. We secured that with royal icing as well. That’s it! A perfect Witches Ball party treat {and favor}…

Oops! It looks like some witches fell right into their cupcakes! This was so easy {and fun!} to create. I cut several Gray Striped Paper Straws and Lime Green Striped Paper Straws in half and glued the printable  to the tops. Then I stuck a matching “pair” of the legs/shoes into each cupcake. These would be perfect for a Wizard of Oz party, too!

Using Jute Twine to hang, the  was hung from a spray painted wooden broom. The broom was mounted above the entry door!…

I started the party by sending out the printable Witches Ball Invitations. I framed the front of the invite to display at the party…

We had a good time thinking of things to write on these Edible Tombstone Cupcake Toppers from my shop! I thought they were perfect on top of the red velvet cupcakes…

I love the classy {and kind of spooky} look of these Black and White Striped Square Paper Plates! I accented them with cute Green Beverage Napkins

In addition to the scary green punch, I also served milk in Glass Milk Bottles {which were adorned with mod podged }. Like the punch cauldrons, each bottle held a Gray Striped Paper Straw topped with printable ….

For the older party guests, there were Clear Plastic Wine Glasses adorned with green apple candy rings {snipped on one edge with kitchen shears}. A creepy effect was given to each glass by turning them upside down and adding drops of black craft paint at the base and then letting it drip down. I also froze plastic spiders with water in ice cube trays and added those to the glasses as well!..

For an inexpensive and easy party backdrop, floor-length strips of Burlap fabric from my shop were hung on the wall behind the piano…

I filled another apothecary jar with Green Apple Suckers from my shop…

Several of the  were attached to twigs from a tree in my front yard. A length of Cream Ric-Rac Ribbon was then tied around each stick. The sticks were then placed into cupcakes. So easy! Beside each cupcake, I placed a white chocolate “bone” that I made using white candy melts and a silicone bone mold…

This witch shoe roller skate was an amazing find at a Victorian shop. I filled it with black and white candy sticks from my shop. Perfect for a Witches Ball!…

this creepy black wreath was made out of plastic GARBAGE BAGS! I simply bent a pool noodle into a circle and secured it with duck tape, then cut the bags into strips and tied them onto the pool noodle. After that, I just stretched the plastic to give it the creep factor!…

Linen/Cotton Bags from my shop were dressed up with the Witches Ball Printable Silhouettes. Simply print the  onto iron-on transfer paper, cut them out, and iron one onto the center of each bag…

These Black Striped Mini Popcorn Boxes were the perfect thing for my guests to use to take home their party swag!…

Most items used in this party are available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:


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  1. Dawn

    Unbelieveable! This witches ball is complete and total perfection. You had me at the wedding dress. (which I would wear myself!) and then the cute food, spider ice and the special touches on everything! Then the garbage bag wreath?!! That is just showing off! You are amazing! I took your blog and featured it in my article for examiner.com.Your work is truly inspiring and I plan to copy everyone of these ideas. :)


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  3. Jaimee @ Craft, Interrupted

    This is so fabulous! What talent you have!! I’m including this in a 13 for Halloween: Party Inspirations round up on my blog this coming Friday, with one pic and a link back to this post. SO many great ideas ~ thanks for sharing your talents : )

  4. Keriann

    Oh my goodness!! I LOVE all of it! I so hope to plan a “Witches Ball” next year now! I have a question. My very most favorite decor is the black gown and Skeleton seamstress. It is too perfect!! Aside from now adding thrift store wedding dress” to my keep an eye out for list I actually have been contemplating attempting to dye an wedding gown I’ve had for years (not vintage enough for the witches ball) and I just don’t know where to begin. Any chance you’d give me some tips on how you did this one? The gown i have is all white bridal satin with some bead work. You said you dyed and painted it….painted? I’d love a few pointers!


    1. Rhonda Blickensderfer

      Hello ,
      I so loved everything about your Witches Ball Party . It inspired me to search for THE DRESS. . I am planning a party this year already — it is May 13 :)).
      I am incorporating a room specifically for a Witch Diva and will deck this out for a funky witch with all sorts of glitz and spooky.
      Could you give tips on dying the dress– it is poly and acetate. Thanks much!!!!

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