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  1. Jennifer Glynn

    My daughter’s first birthday is next month and I have already decided on the rubber duckie theme but i needed ideas for snacks and I love how this looks but I haven’t a clue as to what it is, may I get the recipe PLEASE

  2. Camille Stark

    Saw this on pinterest. Absolutely cute theme. I’m thinking of doing my baby shower in the ducky theme. This recipe looks yummy did you ever find or concoct your own version?

  3. Connie Lundholm

    I will be planning a baby shower for my great nephew triplets this Sept and would love to do the “duck in a cup” blue desserts, please share your recipe Thank you in advance.


  4. Amanda

    Did anyone ever get the recipe for these precious desserts? I would love to serve them at my son’s first birthday party.

  5. donna byers

    I would love to have this recipe. My grandson was born 3 months early and we r having a rubber ducky themed baby shower. Could u please send it too me. thanks alot

  6. Joanne

    It looks to me like the old fashioned jello mixed with cool whip recipe (you can find it on the back of a jello box).


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