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  1. Estelle Delpino

    Could you please contact me at 954-803-2138 would like to go over some details with you to purchase for a gender party coming up soon thank you

  2. Leilani Jimenez

    i wanted to know if you actually sell these invitations. I love the theme of clocks so different and unique. Can’t wait to hear from you enjoy ur day.

  3. Carly

    I love this idea for a gender reveal, and the company you got the invites from is not open until after my gender reveal party is to take place. Would you have this invite in a PDF version, that you would be willing to email me, so I can take it to a local printing company to tweak and print for use? I’m not sure if this is a proper question, as I won’t be using the company that made these for production, but I’m kind of stuck on clock themed invitations. I’ve already customized other items, so it’s too late to change the idea (I should have checked on the invites first :( ). If the PDF isn’t an option, would you have another option? I’d really appreciate your help with this, hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,


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