Washi Tape + Crafting 10th Birthday Party!

Posted on July 31st, 2012 by Kara
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How clever is this WASHI TAPE + CRAFTING 10TH PARTY submitted by Beatriz Gaspar of Con Botas de Agua?! I just love that every party element was created using Washi Tape! I’m so excited to announce that Kara’s Party Ideas Shop now actually carries Washi Tape in all designs & sizes!


Beatriz said- “I made a WASHI TAPE PARTY for a 10 year old girl and her friends. Every detail was made with washi tape… bottles, tags, napkins, plates, etc. I created little tags with the initials of their names for place settings and plates. I personalized each bottle to match with a napkin, so everyone had their own style. After the snack, I prepared a crafty workshop to do many things using washi tape. The girls decorated notebooks, jars and picnic boxes and I showed them how to make lovely tags with washi tape and cutters! It was a great idea to make a workshop birthday party, the girls went home with many things made by themselves and had a wonderful time.”

Items in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop that were used in this party:

Washi Tape

Paper Straws

Glass Milk Bottles

Wooden Utensils

Bakers Twine

Berry Baskets

Gable Boxes

White Doilies

WASHI TAPE can be purchased here.

GLASS MILK BOTTLES available to purchase here.

PAPER STRAWS can be purchased here.

WOODEN UTENSILS can be purchased here.

Above WOODEN UTENSILS can be purchased here.

Above GABLE BOXES can be purchased here.

BERRY BASKETS can be purchased here.

BAKERS TWINE can be purchased here.


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