Race Car 1st Birthday Party

Posted on May 27th, 2012 by Kara
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I just love the creativity that went into this RACE CAR 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Jaclyn Douma of Sugar N Spice. This party is any little car lovers dream!

This is what Jaclyn had to say about the party- “We just celebrated my son’s first birthday and both my husband and I are huge racing fans so it only seemed fitting for the theme to be race cars! Decorating and crafting is a huge passion of mine as is cooking and hosting parties, so the entire process was such a pleasure for me. My brother who is an exercise/hiking fanatic told me I may have overdone it (which I disagree) so when I replied with, ‘This is a passion of mine, so just imagine, the hours that went into decorating as one big long HIKE’! He said he had never thought of it that way in which he then replied with ‘Job well done sis!’ All of the decorations, food and photography were done by me and my company Sugar N Spice. The only exception is the chocolate covered pretzels from Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream.

Included in the party was the “autograph” station where I had a white t-shirt for everyone to sign, along with a scrapbook I made of my son’s first year. Next was “The Garage” which was a popcorn favor bar filled with “Dipsticks” – Chocolate Covered Pretzels, “Nuts & Bolts” – Peanuts, Orange Slices & M&M’s, & “Spare Tires” – Chocolate Mini Donuts. Followed by The Garage was “Pit Row” where we served all of our food and my husband BBQ’d in “The Infield” where we set up our Family Flag, ice chests and chairs. Finally was “The Winner’s Circle” where I displayed my son’s birthday present which was a remote control car along with all the cupcakes for the guests.

Everyone had a great time, including the kiddos as they raced up and down the “road” through our living room that I made from black vinyl table cloths. I’m already looking forward to planning next years party!”

Vendors and Credits:

Party Styling, Food, Decorations- Jaclyn Douma of Sugar N Spice

Photography- Jaclyn Douma of Sugar N Spice

Chocolate Covered Pretzels- Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream


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    1. Jaclyn Douma

      Hey Becky!
      I purchased a roll of plastic table cloth material from Hobby Lobby (they also have it at party stores)…just a large roll of plastic that you can cut according to size of your tables…anyways, its about $10, but I had a coupon {woo hoo!} .. then just taped it down with black duct tap and painted with regular crafting paint. One tip though, paint the road the night before (and not sooner), towards the end when the kids were driving cars on the road the paint started to chip off, but it lasted the majority of the party so I wasn’t too bummed. Have fun!

  1. Meagan Martin

    I love this for my son’s birthday I also love what seems to be the invitaion where did you get this? Or did you make it? I would love something very similar.

    1. Jaclyn Douma

      Hey Meagan – Yes those are his invites! :-) I made them. I just designed them on my comp, then glued to card stock and then I put them in little jewelry bags (in jewelry/gem section at craft store)..then I tied some round cording through a hole punch to resemble a pit pass :-) I loved how they came out


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