Paul Frank “Keep Calm & Go Bananas” Monkey Party

Posted on April 20th, 2012 by Kara
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I’m in love with this PAUL FRANK MONKEY PARTY submitted by Julie Gunn of Sage Leaf Studio! How cute is the “Keep Calm & Go Bananas” sign?!

Here is what Julie had to say about her party…

“I wanted to throw a unique birthday party for my daughter Sage so I chose to do a chic Paul Frank monkey theme! I had photo booth props, “monkey vines”, banana cookies, and a Paul Frank custom cake by Leah’s Cake Creations. I also had a candy bar, a large cupcake (for smash the cake), tissue pom pom’s a hand-made backdrop and more! Pennant banners were also hand-made by me as was a photo banner from pictures from the last 12 months, and the Keep Calm and Go Bananas Poster. For food, we dined on mini-burgers, and monkey mac & cheese cupcakes. Photos were taken by Sara Russell.”


12 thoughts on “Paul Frank “Keep Calm & Go Bananas” Monkey Party

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  2. Jackie

    Hi! Great birthday ideas, sooo cute!!! Where did you order those large banana gummies! I just find the really small size ones around here.


  3. Candace

    I love it! But can you tell me how I can make the Banana cookies or where to go to get them ordered, please!? Thank You so much!!!

  4. julie

    Hey there! sorry for the late reply! I made them in illustrator. Took backgrounds from online and then just added some shapes & text boxes and got them printed at my local printer.

  5. julie

    My mother in law found a banana cookie cutter at Scoop & Save a local cake decorating shop, and then looked up how to do flood icing online! :)


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