Nautical, Ocean Themed First Communion Party

Posted on April 17th, 2012 by Kara
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I think you’re going to love this Nautical Themed First Communion Party submitted by Judith Cardona of Happy Party in Spain!

In Judith’s words- “WELCOME ABOARD! The colors used for this nautical communion party were red, white and blue.

In the entrance, there was a lifeguard that welcomed you on board. This charming place was perfect for the photo booth with guests.

The room was organized in two tables: one for children and one for adults. For the children´s table a colorful and funny decoration; paper boats, real fishes, shells and color pencils + paper + stickers. On the ceiling were red balloons and white garlands like waves. On the communion chair were two red balloons and red ribbons. For the adults table, there was a more sophisticated decoration: soft colors, wooden boats, bottles with SOS message, flags, stones and shells.

The party favors were blue bags filled with candies.”


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  3. Pure Costumes Blog

    Where did you find the origami paper that folded up like a boat? or was that custom made? We are experimenting something similar but more focus on ocean/marina like themed. Thanks


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