Jewelry Themed Surprise Birthday Luncheon Party

Posted on April 19th, 2012 by Kara
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This beautiful JEWELRY THEMED SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY LUNCHEON was submitted by Alexandra Doudian of Enchanted Events & Design. Alexandra was asked to design an event for her client’s mother, who unfortunately, was robbed 2 weeks before her birthday and 4 generations of jewelry was stolen! Her client decided to throw a jewelry themed surprise luncheon for her mom. She asked all of the guests to bring one pair of earrings as a gift for the birthday girl. What a tender idea!

Alexandra said- “I was very inspired by this story and pulled together a simple design with hints of vintage jewelry. The color palette for the party was pink, cream and white with lots of wood accents. The party had a combination of modern colors with rustic accent pieces.

For the dessert table I ordered some fabulous custom cookies with beautiful cameos featured on each one. This was huge hit as it closely resembled one of the birthday girl’s favorite broaches which was lost. I also included strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, strawberry parfaits, mini donut rings, strawberry whoppers and a lovely strawberry cake. I used cherry blossoms in white bottles as the backdrop of the table so the beautiful wallpaper could still be visible.

For the lunch the ladies were served a variety of salads and roasted vegetables, a mixed juice spritzer, white wine sangria and lemon water. All the tables had fresh flowers which were purchased the day before in the LA flower district and at a farmer’s market by myself and the hostess. At the end of the event all the ladies took home strawberry bath salt favors.”

Vendor Credits-

Event Design: Enchanted Events & Design

Printables: Enchanted Events & Design

Photography: Next Exit Photography

Cookies: Denise’s Creations


21 thoughts on “Jewelry Themed Surprise Birthday Luncheon Party

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  2. Jacqueline

    Beautiful party!! What are the pearl-looking powder pink balls made out of? Are they chocolate covered cake balls?

  3. Nancy

    I found your blog via Pinterest – I ADORE the powdered donut rings!! Can you please tell us how to find the diamond ring accents or how to make them? I am helping to plan a girlfriend’s bridal shower next month! Thank you XOXO

  4. Joan Hajek

    I love the idea of the powdered donut rings. Where did you get the diamonds? Would like to do this for a bridal shower coming up!

  5. Christina

    I’d also very much like the information on how to get the diamond ring die!! I’ve been searching the web ever since I saw those donuts. I’d love to make those! I love your blog! So many great ideas.


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