Puppy Dog Birthday Party

Posted on February 21st, 2012 by Kara
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This PUPPY DOG BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Alessandra Rosa of Rose Ale Party Planners will melt your heart. I love the turquoise, yellow, green and brown color scheme. The doggie bags, doggie treats, dog hats, paw prints, grass and silver buckets are my favorite!
Here is what Alessandra said about her party- “I loved putting this party together. Rolled faux grass was cut into squares for place mats. 3D doggy party hats were made with fabric, felt & yarn pom poms. Candy was places in little silver dishes to resemble dog dishes. Many doggy baskets were made with various boxes and containers. There were a lot more party elements that you can take a look at. I hope you enjoy!”

15 thoughts on “Puppy Dog Birthday Party

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  1. Anonymous

    What an mazing party! beautiful in every single detail. Congrats to the creative mind behind it.

    And Dear RBK please don´t do that. It´s her time to shine, it´s all about Ale´s decoration, not your photos.


  2. Party Planner

    RBK boa tarde!

    Em relação aos créditos às fotos com certeza meu primeiro contato com a Kara foi mandar o nome da minha empresa e de sua empresa, foram as primeiras perguntas que ela me fez e respondi conforme é o certo !
    Creio que a Kara se esqueceu mas já pedi por email à ela que corrija.Obrigada Ale


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