Vintage Dick & Jane Twin Party!

Posted on November 4th, 2011 by Kara
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And my next fabulous party feature goes to this darling VINTAGE DICK & JANE TWIN PARTY submitted by Mariah Leeson of Giggles Galore. Okay, I am dying here…how CUTE is this?! Oh, I just adore this party. The vintage toys, the banners, the cupcake toppers, the games, the hats, the food…ALL of it! Eeek! 

Here is what Mariah said about the party- “My twin’s turned 3 and I wanted to celebrate their sweet personalities with an old fashioned, vintage birthday party. I was inspired by my mom’s vintage copy of the Dick and Jane early reader books and set out to create a party reminiscent of that time. I designed and created the party around vintage inspired fabric I found and made everything from the backdrop and party favors to my twin’s outfits. I enlisted the help of my friend and designer at Sweet Sosbee Designs to help bring the invitation and other printable details to life. I used vintage toys and games to tie everything together. The kids had fun playing simple old fashioned games like bean bag toss, sack races, tag and a cake walk.
We served individual lunch boxes with simple PB&J sandwiches, potato chips in custom made wax bags and an orange. My mom made a gorgeous cake and there were lots of other sweet treats to enjoy. 
This vintage old fashioned birthday was truly a labor of love and our twin’s had a blast celebrating their special day!”

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  1. Mariah

    Thank you so much for featuring my party! I loved how this party turned out and it is such an honor to have it included here on your site!

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