Captain Hook Pirate Party!

Posted on September 1st, 2011 by Kara
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Ahoy Matey’s! Today’s winning party feature goes to this fantastic CAPTAIN HOOK PIRATE PARTY submitted by Polkadot Prints & Whimsy Petite Styling. I don’t think pirate birthday parties will ever die {perfect for Halloween as well, which is slowly creeping up on us}. SUCH a fun theme. 
I love all the twine {a super cute and inexpensive way to spice things up a bit}!  And take a look at the fabric bunting, pirate bounty, party activities {walk the plank, bob for apples, tug of war}, vintage keys, cupcake ships and more. So cute.
Great job, Jordan & Whimsy Petite! Thanks for your submission! Congratulations on being chosen as a winning party feature! This is definitely one of my favorite Pirate shindigs…


26 thoughts on “Captain Hook Pirate Party!

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