Lemonade Summer Soiree – Lemonade Stand Party

Posted on August 17th, 2011 by Kara
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I just had to hurry and squeeze this party in. It’s simply beautiful. This LEMONADE STAND 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Andrea Toney. Love, love, LOVE the yellow. What a perfect summer soiree. Look at the chandelier and parasols!
Thanks for your submission, Andrea. Congratulations on being chosen as a winning feature. You did a wonderful job…everything is just stunning.
Print work and invitations done by Birds Of A Feather Creative Services.
Photography by Sarah Ann.


6 thoughts on “Lemonade Summer Soiree – Lemonade Stand Party

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  1. Platinum Touch Events

    I am so in love with lemonade themed parties!!! They are perfect for summer: bright, cheery, and fun!

  2. Teresa

    What an absolutely beautiful party!! Yellow is such a happy colour. I love that the guests are also wearinng white and yellow – it makes everyone look even happier…and how gorgeous is the Mum and her little girl!

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