64 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social – Summer, Vintage Ice Cream Party

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  4. Jen

    Where did you get the paper ice cream man hats? I’ve been searching all over the internet but can’t find any! I am planning a ice cream birthday party for my 2 year old and would LOVE to find some! :) Thanks!

  5. Amy

    I would love to use your printables for my Daughters 2 year old Birthday, but the links are not working for some reason. Could you email them to me? Thanks, your printables are adorable!

  6. Soo

    hello there,
    this party is just dreams come true!
    where did you get those swirl ice cream candy ? underneath the topping line up in the standing shelf (beside cupcake jar / second shelf from bottom)
    thanks for the awsome party infos!

  7. Brycie D

    This is sooo cute! Where did you find the Paper Ice Cream Parlor hat? Oh my goodness I have been searching for one online and can not find them ANYWHERE!

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