Butterfly Ball 1st Birthday Party

Posted on March 9th, 2011 by Kara
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Today’s winning party feature goes to this lovely
Butterfly Ball’ 1st Birthday Party
submitted by With Joy!
What a stunning layout!
Everything is so precious and well thought out.
Beautiful party!
Invitations and paper goods by Fresh Chick Designs.
Photography by Jordan Morales.
In Carey’s words…It is true I have been planning Avery’s first birthday party since her arrival.
Why? She is special.
And as her mother I wanted to create an experience that will allow her to know, when she looks back at pictures, how special she is to me. All the late hours were time that I was ENJOYING the art of creating and also time that I was reflecting on what a blessing our butterfly has been to us.”

“Invitation and paper goods by Fresh Chick Designs.”Photobucket
“Dessert Table. For the backdrop I use a 4×4 piece of plywood that I covered.”Photobucket
“Custom burlap table cloth by Sweet Tea and Linen

“The dessert plates were strawberry baskets lined with doilies.”Photobucket
“Chocolate covered Oreos by Erin from naturally i
“Rather than gifts we had guests bring books that will be donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.”
“Banner made with the Silhouette.” Photobucket
“Crayons for the craft table resided in my silver infant cups.”Photobucket
“Custom “sippy cups” for each child.


The cups were found at the Dollar Tree.”Photobucket
“I made the signs with my Silhouette.”Photobucket
Amazing job, Carey!
Congratulations on being the winning party feature today!

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  1. Amber

    I am sooooo loving your blog. I have been looking at several blogs that have party themes and there are some talented people out in blog world. I was just wondering how to make the labels that tell what the food is. I know that some bloggers are selling them but I am on a VERY tight budget and was wondering about making them myself. Can you help me? Would greatly appreciate it if you could. Thanks.

  2. Cristen

    Congrats Carey! Adorable party! I did the exact same thing with Savannahs invites with the doilies – Crazy! But sooo cute!

    Well deserved! :)

  3. Melanie

    Wow. Not only are the designs this blogger chose beautiful, but her writing is, too. The first paragraph had me snifflin' a little…

    Beautiful party and very timely with spring coming. :) Thanks for posting.

    Melanie at Themeaparty

  4. Pano Poá

    Sou completamente fascinada por borboletas e quando vi essa decoração fiquei maravilhada por tanta beleza!
    bjus, Tati Xavier.

  5. cheap party supplies

    Hey…Really amazing birthday party. I also like to organize birthday party like this. The invitation is precious.


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