Gumball Birthday Party Styled for HGTV

Posted on February 2nd, 2011 by Kara
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I just couldn’t wait any longer…I’ve been holding this in too long :].
Just before Christmas I was contacted by HGTV. They asked if I would style a party for them {set to launch in the next week or so on}!
I was beyond thrilled and excited.
So I went to work quickly and styled this
Gumball Birthday Partyfor the feature.

Here’s just a sneak peak…
Many more details and wonderful party photo’s coming soon!


27 thoughts on “Gumball Birthday Party Styled for HGTV

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  1. Katie

    I have just found you and can't wait to look through your archives!!! So much fun. What show will your party be featured on? I would love to watch it.


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