Red and Aqua Christmas Party!

Posted on December 21st, 2010 by Kara
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The first winning feature of today goes to this lovely

Red & Aqua Christmas Party
sent in to me by Mon Tresor of Australia.
I love the twist of colors!
Not your traditional green and red christmas party.

Suzanna said, “This christmas table was simple, yet effective and featured lots of ribbons, nougat wrapped in twine, fresh cherries in baking cups on sweet stands, cinnamon donuts drizzled with coconut to resemble snow, white chocolatesnow cones, gingerbread cookies and red rock candy.

I own an online store, Mon Tresor which is an emporium of accessories & party pieces for stylish young ones & adults alike!”

Wondeful job, Suzanne!

Thanks for your submission!

Congrats on being the winning party feature today.


7 thoughts on “Red and Aqua Christmas Party!

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