Chutes and Ladders 2nd Birthday Party!

Posted on August 30th, 2010 by Kara
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Today’s winning feature goes to this super creative
Chutes and Ladders 2nd Birthday Party
submitted by Pedicures and Puddles!
What a fun and creative party theme!

Tiffany said that her son loves nothing more than climbing on everything and sliding on his slides so she was searching for a party theme that would fit his current personality. Chutes and Ladders is near and dear to her heart as a favorite game growing up and a fabulous theme to portray her little guy! Plus, she said that she hasen’t seen it done before and loves a challenge.

Great job, Tiffany! Thanks for your submission. Congratulations on being the winning feature today!

{Cake made by Cakes by Auntie M}
Pen and Paper Flowers designed the invitations…Photobucket
Favors: Chutes and Ladders game per family and personalized bubbles…Photobucket

8 thoughts on “Chutes and Ladders 2nd Birthday Party!

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  1. Jada

    Love the snack mix idea! I just did a candy buffet and got some (hopefully joking) dirty looks from the moms so that would be a fun, healthier option. I think I'll steal the idea for my little guy's construction party. They can "build" their own snack mix.

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