Ballerina Snowflake Party

Posted on March 18th, 2010 by Kara
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today’s winning feature goes to this striking ballerina snowflake party by glory at glorious treats {for more details and how to’s be sure and check out her blog, here}. i hope spring is well on its way, but i just had to post one last ‘wintery‘ party. what a great idea to incorporate snowflakes and ballerina’s together!

i love the frame that glory’s husband made for her to hang ribbon from. so creative. and look at those cute cupcakes…
thanks for your submission, glory. sweet, sweet party!


6 thoughts on “Ballerina Snowflake Party

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  1. Glory Albin

    Thanks so much for this sweet post Kara! I really feel honored to be featured! I hope to do more parties that are up to your standards! This is something I really enjoy and one of the ways I show love to my family and friends.


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