Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

Posted on January 14th, 2010 by Kara
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I have been waiting very UN-patiently to post these amazing pictures {nicole hill} of this RAGGEDY ANN PARTY…I just had to get the go from Brittany {one charming party}.
I helped with the set up and visuals of the party, but can not take any credit for it…Brittany did it all. Be sure and check out her site, http://www.onecharmingparty.com/. She’s got major talent!
You are going to be drooling over these pictures, believe me!


36 thoughts on “Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

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  1. Bree

    This is too much! I have come back and looked at this post a million times since you've posted it. I LOVE it! I love the little girl with her red hair. The blues and reds. It's adorable!

  2. Theresa

    My soon to be 5 year old daughter is attached to her "Raggelly" (as she calls her!)…they go everywhere together! For her fifth birthday I'm going to surprise her with a fresh Raggety Ann doll (who will NEVER be able to replace her "Raggelly"!)and I'm going to borrow some of your ideas…you are brilliant! I'm a follower now!

  3. kara's party ideas

    It was all Brittany, not me. I wish I could take the credit…I just helped with the set up :).
    P.S. LOVE that your daughter takes her "ragelly" everywhere. So cute!

  4. Kerry

    This is so cute… I love the colors! I found your site and was hoping to find an "ice cream" theme party ideas. My twin daughters are turning 2 in April and I am brainstorming ideas. I did cupcake theme last year so I want to change it up. Let me know if you have done something like this or have seen a site with this idea! [email protected]

  5. Anonymous

    Amazing details…I love everything about this party and I love Raggedy Ann. Perhaps an idea for Birthday Party #3 for my baby girl.

    We will be having a Circus/Carnival party in 8 weeks for my 1 year old son and I have gotten so many great ideas from you. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.



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