Sugar, Sweet, & Spice Party

Posted on June 17th, 2009 by Kara
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Sugar and spice candy buffet via Kara's Party Ideas

here’s my long awaited sugar, sweet, & spice party!

i’m part of a bunko group…and this month was my month to host. i chose the theme, ‘sugar, sweet, and spice’ because i’ve been dying to do a candy buffet!
and that’s just what i did..a candy buffet, along with a dessert and ice cream bar {i also had chips and go along with the spicy theme}.
the party took place under a tent on my backyard patio…
the first thing i did when planning this party was pick a color scheme…the colors i chose were turquoise and hot pink!
i designed a sign and matching labels in photo shop to adorn the candy buffet {and attached the labels to the jars etc. with turquoise ribbon}… i finally had an excuse to make some martha pom pom flowers! i hung them from the tent ceiling…here’s a looksy at the candy buffet and dessert table from afar. you can see the mini eclairs {yum} and marshmallow pops i made in the bottom right corner…of course i had to make cupcakes for the event! this time i made cotton candy cuppy’s! i added yogurt and cotton candy flavoring to the cake recipe, and made cotton candy cream cheese frosting. they tasted delish!…
candy, candy, candy galore!
as far as the glass containers go…i had some of them already, found some apothecary jars on ebay, bought a few at ross, and found others here and there over the past month or so.
i found the plastic candy scooper’s online. i tied both a turquoise and pink ribbon to each one…

here’s the candy rimmed glasses. i dipped them in karosyrup and then rolled them in candy sprinkles! so fun!…

here’s the ice cream, dessert, & drink table.
i made the window awning replica out of cardboard {i painted it with matching blue paint}, and hung it with fishing line…
the drink was lime aid mixed with sprite…here’s a closer look at the ice cream and different toppings i had out {the glass containers are mini trifle bowls that i found at wal-mart for $1.50!}…
dum dum topiaries{i had two of on each end of the candy buffet}.

i made the topiaries out of large styrofoam balls, dum dum suckers, cheap plastic planters {i spray painted them turquoise!}, quick set cement, hot pink feather boa’s, and wooden dowels {also spray painted}…

and last but not least, the party favors

i put cinnamon & sugar in salt and pepper shakers for ‘sugar & spice’ {i got the idea from modern eve, she used bear shaped glass containers for a baby shower}, and made matching tags that i attached to each one with a hot pink or turquoise ribbon…what a night! we all had enough sugar to last a lifetime!!
this party was so fun to plan and carry out. thanks for looking!
leave a comment, i’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Celebrate with Style

    What a fabulous party for all ages! I especially loved the dumdum centerpieces and glasses with sugar on the rims.

  2. sarah m

    Just came across your blog…WOW…you are AMAZING!!! I love. love. LOVE all of your events and the attention to detail!! You've got a gift, girl! :) Thanks for sharing all the details!!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey there, when you bottled the cinnamon and sugar, how did you secure it? Did you create a seal? If so, how?


  4. kara's parties

    hey there…about the cinnamon and sugar…
    i just mixed it and poured it into the individual bottles. i didn't create a seal. it was just close friends, so i just sent it home with them as is, hoping that they'd use it soon :).
    thanks for the comments everyone!!!!! they mean a lot.

  5. PinkBalloons&Macaroons

    Love this! what a darling party!! great job :-) I hope you have a wonderful day!! huge hugs!! Britt :-)

  6. TonyaB

    love this party! a few of us want to know how you created the fabric backdrop to the candy bar….would you post the DIY for this and the awning? That would be fantastic!


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