Cupcake Tea Party: Sneak Peek

Posted on May 12th, 2009 by Kara
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Cupcake tea party: sneak peak

Cupcake Tea Party: Sneak Peak

As explained in a previous posts…my friend Lyndsey & I (both cupcake obsessors..hehe) are hosting a cupcake tea party here in a few weeks. I’m getting so excited. Here’s a little looksy at part of what the table may look like. I did a small test run today. I’m missing the main part though…fresh cupcakes! There’s also a lot of other things that are missing. Oh, but you just wait :)….

I made these cutesy little cupcake earrings for all the guests. Aren’t they adorable? They’re made out of polymer clay. I’m putting the tutorial on my cupcake blog :)…Cupcake tea party: sneak peakI finished the napkin rings (etc) today…I attached a little cupcake lip gloss to each one. Fun, huh?… Cupcake tea party: sneak peakWe’re going to all revert back to our girlish childhood and have some fun!

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  1. Marcie

    I have a cupcake party theme in my head right now too. Just went to NYC Naturall Gourmet Institute for a Vegan cupcake class. Who knew cupcakes could be so good without eggs and butter??!! Thx for all the inspiration :) http://[email protected]


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